gunner in grass 1OUR HISTORY

Indiana Antler Supply started as a distributor of antlers as dog chews located in Westfield, Indiana.??Kat and Chris took over the company in February 2016 and relocated the headquarters to Kouts, Indiana.? Initially, the only product sold was elk antlers.? As the company grew and at the demand of the customers,?deer and moose were added to the product list in May 2016.

Indiana Antler Supply is committed to working with dog rescues and charities.? You can find us at our booth at dog events all over the Midwest.? We pride ourselves on creating relationships with?our customers and can always be contacted on our website or Facebook page @indianaantlersupply.


Deer, elk, and moose all?shed their antlers naturally every spring and then grow a new set. All Indiana Antler Supply antlers are naturally shed and?right out of the wild.??They are all “SHED IN THE USA”!??Antlers are 100% natural – collected and washed down with water only.??Our?antler are as ?all-natural? as you can get!


Our four-legged friends are a part of our family and it is important to be conscious of what we let go into their bodies. Antlers are an all-natural option that dogs love! They?re long-lasting, durable, odor free, and residue free. They do not splinter or chip like other dogs chews or bones. Antlers are full of nutrients and settle well in the stomach.? We never use chemicals or preservatives to treat our antlers.

WHY WE DON’T SPLIT OUR ANTLERS (unless requested)

We specialize in whole antlers.? We do not split the antlers for several reasons.??Splitting antlers can cause the marrow to dry out more quickly and become brittle, thus leading to chipping, cracking, and breaking.? Heavy chewers will go through a split antler rather quickly.? Marrow is high in calcium and it can cause an obstruction in a dogs digestions system if too much is ingested all at once.? By giving your dog the whole (not split) antler,?your pup?has to work to get to the marrow and can only get small amounts of marrow at a time.? Always supervise your dog with any dog chew or toy.

We have also found that some dogs actually have a preference when it comes to their favorite ?flavor? of antler. Some dogs go crazy for elk chews and won?t even sniff a deer chew, while others can?t get enough of the moose and could care less about elk! You have to do a little experimenting when it comes to selecting the best chew for you pup.